Save energy and time

Perhaps many of us have a complete kitchen equipment but rarely used. One is Pressure Cooker, or we call Presto. Presto pot is cooking equipment that use energy in a very efficient and save time. If you cook recipes that require you boil water or cooked slowly in a long time, pans Presto you can save up to 70% of the energy required and using a third of the time needed. In addition pans Presto also efficient use of water is needed.

In addition, the kitchen equipment you usually have is Electric Toaster Oven. Electric Toaster Oven uses only a third of the energy needed by ordinary oven, and when you want to heat the food small, Toaster is the most appropriate choice. If you still need to use conventional oven, you better take the place of food based ceramic, glass or metal materials because it can retain heat better, so do not require more energy and can reduce the temperature of your oven.

Microwave also owned and many goods have become the norm. When heating the food must be from the refrigerator or can also cook food that is not too difficult, microwave can save between 50-70% of energy is needed.

If you want to boil the water, the most efficient way is to use the cauldron of Electrical compared with the boil with the pot. When using pot, find the most fitting close to the heat does not exit.

Do you know that drinking cold water is not efficient for the body of your own? When you drink cold water, then you must remove the body of energy and calories to heat the water before it can be absorbed by the body. Therefore it is better to drink water with room temperature, not cold or hot. Therefore, one of kitchen equipment that can efficient is Water Dispenser. We live in the tropics Unsurprisingly, always hot. Dispenser refrigerator you have to work hard because naturally after you use water, cool water Dispenser must be new and it takes quite a lot of energy. I have a few months off the refrigerator Dispenser, but I also sometimes also want to drink cold water on a hot day. Therefore, I use bottled water, which I save in the refrigerator so that when I need to be drunk directly, and because my refrigerator is still there, so no additional energy use more.

Tips This is not to save money, but only to save energy and conservation because the equipment above is not cheap. But when you have your equipment, try to use more often.

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